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Broshears Family Farm

Kyle, Leah , Parker, & Hudson

Save Our Bacon

We are Kyle and Leah Broshears of Seymour, IN. We both grew up on small farms in Jackson County. Life on the farm taught us at an early age that hard work and sacrifice are the life tools of eventual success. By working with livestock, we learned what true responsibility really meant. It is a 7 day a week commitment that comes with the lifelong reward of helping to feed our nation.

These characteristics and experiences were something we wanted to instill in our children. So in 2014, we applied for a permit to build a swine finishing barn on our family’s farm. We appeared before the Jackson County Plan Commission in September and received a unanimous favorable recommendation. We then went on to the Board of Zoning Appeals in October, where we also received unanimous approval.

We are now asking for your help to defend our farm against a group of disgruntled homeowners who are bringing litigation against us. If lawsuits against agriculture like this one are allowed to succeed, then the end result will be no new growth. What option will be left to meet the needs of our growing nation? Import from countries without the high level of food safety standards we depend on here?

Please help us keep our nation’s food production right here on American family farms. Take a stand with us as we defend our farm and fight for the right of all citizens to enjoy an American produced food supply.